Chennai to Kanchipuram One day tour Package

Kanchipuram- Chennai to Kanchipuram Tour Package


The Place Kanchipuram is also called as Kanchi. This place is specially known for “city of thousand temples”. Kanchipuram is a spiritual centre for Hindus and a popular tourist destination. In our Chennai to Kanchipuram Tour we offer various tourist places with an experienced driver.

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Kamakshi Amman Temple:

In our Chennai to Kanchipuram tour package one of the most famous temple is Kamakshi Amman Temple. This Temple is  dedicated to goddess kamakshi an  incarnation of hindu goddess Parvati.

 The Temple’s architecture is a classic example of Dravidian Style. The main entrance of this temple is grand and surrounded by small temples.

 This temple plays a important role during Navaratri and Brahmotsavam. During this festival time, The temple comes alive with many decoration, music, dance. The main thing is devotees not only come from Chennai to Kanchipuram. Even tourist from Chennai to mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. In simple word from all over India they will visit this people during this festival Times.

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Varadharajar Perumal Temple:

The temple which shows the artistic work of South Indian culture is varadharajar perumal temple. This temple is dedicated for Lord Vishnu. The meaning of Varadharajar perumal is “the king who gives blessing”.

Now let’s discuss about the beauty of this temple. This temple has a large entrance towers and one special area is called as 100 pillar hall. One unique feature in this temple is Athi Varadar Statue which is made of special type of wood. This statue is kept submerged in the temple’s  water tank and only brought out for worship once in a 40 years.

 During Brahmotsavam most of the devotees visit this temple.

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Eakambaranathar Temple:

In our Chennai to Kanchipuram tour package by car we often take our valuable customer to this temple Eakambaranathar Temple. This Temple Eakambaranathar is  dedicated to Lord Shiva.

 The word Eakambaranathar means the “lord of the mango tree”. Specially this temple is known for the “Hall of Thousand pillars”. The temple has a very old mango tree over 3,500 years old. The tree is special because it grows four different types of mangoes, representing four vedas.

Eakambaranathar temple is popular during the shivaratri festival and pilgrims from all over the world will visit this place during these special times.

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Vaikuntham Perumal Temple:

The word Vaikuntham perumal is known as the Lord of Heaven. This special temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The beauty of  vaikuntham perumal temple is it has three levels.

The ground level of temple has Lord Vishnu seated and the middle level of temple has Lord Vishnu in a relaxed lying position and the top level of temple he is in standing. So, this makes the devotees to worship lord Vishnu in different postures in the same temple.

Especially this temple has a lot of beautiful carvings in the pillars tells the tales of lord Vishnu and other legends. During the Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival many people will come and celebrate from different areas. If you are devotee of lord Vishnu don’t miss this place in Chennai to Kanchipuram tour.

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Kailasanathar Temple:

In our Chennai to Kanchipuram one day tour package by car. The most visited temple is Kailasanathar temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord shiva and called as Kailasanathar and the word Kailasanathar stands for the “Lord of Mount Kailash”. This temple is 1000 years old.

This temple is built during the 8th century by pallava dynasty and famous for south Indian Culture and it is one of the oldest temples in TamilNadu.

Shivalingam is the main place of worship in this temple. The carving inside the wall shows the stories of Lord Shiva. This temple has a large open court yard makes the place more peaceful and a pleasant atmosphere. Maha shivaratri is the important festival in the temple. If you are worshipper of Lord Shiva visit this place and make your moments peaceful.

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Shankarcharaya Mutt:

The shankarcharaya mutt is founded over a thousand of years ago by Adi Shankaracharya a great philosopher and saint. This mutt is also known as Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. There is a philosophy in this place like individual soul and supreme soul are one.

This mutt is like a living space and libraries for monks during the old times. This place is an less visited place in Kanchipuram tour.

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Kanchipuram Silk Shopping:

In our Kanchipuram tour package from Chennai. We offer vehicle from all over Chennai and we will take our customers to the famous silk manufacturing and selling shops. So that they can experience a fresh and newly stitched silk sarees at low price. And the main thing is we don’t get any bribe from the shop owners it is fully fair for our valuable customers. If your planning for a Chennai to Kanchipuram tour you can make booking at last minute also. We provide vehicle within 30 mins of your booking on Kanchipuram Tour Package.