Mahabalipuram from chennai to mahabalipuram one day tour package

Time to visit a place which exist as an ancient pride of South India. In this South India Tour Package from Chennai. One of the best places to visit for refreshment is Mahabalipuram Tour package.


When people are hearing about Mahabalipuram they are little bit confused about the name Mamallapuram. Both the names are same but in fact there is an interesting real incident behind the name actually this temple is built at the time of Pallava Dynasty during 7th and 8th centuries for representing

Pallava King:

The word mamallapuram comes from Mamallan. It is an title given to the Pallava King which represents great warrior.
So, in Finally Mahabalipuram is an UNESCO world heritage site.


When it comes to sightseeing in Mahabalipuram usually takes a whole day to cover a part of sightseeing. Let’s see one by one about sightseeing.

Iskcon temple from mahabalipuram tour package


ISKCON TEMPLE is also known as Sri Sri Radha Krishna Mandir. It is one of the largest Radha Krishna Temple in Tamil Nadu and the main thing is the temple is an Vaishnav Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and his wife Radha. This temple is built near Coast Road in Akkarai Sholinganallur which is situated in Southern Chennai. It is built on April 26,2012.

The Devotees of lord Krishna will surely visit this temple to seek blessing and to live a happy and lovely life.


seashore temple from Mahabalipuram


In this Chennai to Mahabalipuram one day tour package by car most of the tourist are eagerly to visit is   Sea Shore Temple. Because this shore Temple portraits Pallava Political and his economic power. This temple acts like a symbol for Pallava Legacy. This shore Temple overlooks at the Bay of Bengal, and it consists of temples and Shrines. So, during this Chennai to Mahabalipuram package don’t forget to visit this place and make your moment memorable.

Arjuna penance from Mahabalipuram tour package


          Descent of the Ganges is also known as the Arjunas Penance. Especially this place in Mahabalipuram Tour Package is mostly visited by all the Tourist from Various Places. This Place shows the story of Ganges River coming from heaven to earth led by Bhagiratha one of the legendary kings of Hindu Dynasty. Many people think that it is one of the India’s greatest carvings on rock and it is an UNESCO world Heritage site since 1984.

Dakshan Chitra From Mahabalipuram


Dakshina Chitra is a heritage village located in Muttu Kadu Chennai. While the visitors choose Chennai to Mahabalipuram one day tour package by car they are very eager to explore the tradition of South India.

          This Heritage holds the legacy of traditional houses, artifacts, crafts and lifestyles of various states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka. So, to time travel for ancient times visitors must not to miss this place in Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package.

Crocodile Park


In this Chennai to Mahabalipuram tour package this is the only place where tourist can learn some interesting things about biodiversity. This crocodile park is a park for breeding and preservation of other crocodiles and reptiles. This place also works as an educational place to know the importance of ecosystem.

          Mainly this place not only stores crocodiles it also has alligators, turtles, and snake too. They will offer a guide tour about feeding and demonstrating in a closer way.

Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram


Tiger Cave is a place which is located near Mahabalipuram. It is an old temple. It has a carvings of animals like tiger and elephants. Despite its name, it does not have any real tigers in this place. This temple was built by Pallava king during the 8th century. People visit this place to see the carvings and to learn more about the history. The carving is very detailed, and it shows the skill of those people made the great ancient artwork. This tiger cave is a most important part of Mahabalipuram’s history and attracts many tourists to experience the beauty and to learn about the past.

          Mainly this place not only stores crocodiles it also has alligators, turtles, and snake too. They will offer a guide tour about feeding and demonstrating in a closer way.

Muttukadu boat house


By the name itself you can be able to understand it is a boat house. Allowing the visitors to enjoy boating activities in Muttu Kadu. This place offers various types of boats like motorboat, rowboat, pedal boat. Most of the visitors like family and tourists come here to enjoy not only boating but also rowing and even fishing too. Sometimes they also have water sports event which makes the place even more exciting. Overall, the Muttu Kadu boat house is a great place to visit to create long lasting memories and to enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Five Rathas Mahablipuram


Five Rathas are special Temples made from big rocks. This temple has different and unique shape and style. In this Chennai to Mahabalipuram one day tour package by bus and car all the tourists were loved to see the architecture. It was built on the 7th century. They have beautiful carvings, and these architectures are called as Dravidian architecture. Visiting this five Rathas is a great way to learn more about the amazing ancient buildings.

Mahabalipuram Beach


A single term to explain the Mahabalipuram beach. “The beauty of nature falls in this Beach”. The beach is known for his gentle waves with scenic beauty of clear water. During the sunset time if you see the beach sand it will be like a golden sand. Most of the people were come to relax and to make their mind and thoughts peaceful. Nearby of this place itself there are many historical places like shore temple and five rathas. Visitors can explore the beautiful rock carvings sculptures on shoreline. This beach also allows visitors to swimming, sunbathing and beachside picnics too. This place is highly recommended for the families and children’s.

Light House in Mahabalipuram


The Mahabalipuram light house is a tall tower located in Mahabalipuram. This light house helps ships and boats to navigate coastline by providing a bright light for long distance visibility. This place is also a tourist place for climbing up the tower to enjoy the view of light house. This place shows the view of beach and the Bay of Bengal. This light house also a landmark for coastal town. Overall, the Mahabalipuram Light House is a memorable experience for visitors.

Krishna Butter Ball Mahabalipuram


The Krishna’s Butter Ball is a large natural rock formation. That looks like a big ball of butter. It’s positioned on a steep slope by challenging the gravity and seeming like it might roll down at any moment. People from all over come to come to see the unique sight and takes photo with it. Despite the rock has remained still for centuries. Visitors marvel as its size and wonder how it stay balanced for so many years. If you are taking our Chennai to Mahabalipuram one day tour package by car, make sure you don’t miss this place.

Sea Shell Museum in Mahabalipuram


The Seashell Museum is museum which contains wide variety of seashell from around the world. Visitors can explore different shapes, sizes, and colour of shells from various beaches and ocean. This place is a great place for all ages people who are interested in marine life. The seashell museum offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the ocean’s treasures.