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A Wonderful trip from Chennai to Tirupati Package by car

 Let me explain the beauty of Lord Balaji. One of the world richest God is Lord Balaji.

The Lord Balaji Temple is situated above seven mountains. So only he has a pet name of Ezhumalaiyan.

More than lakhs of people visit the Temple per day. They are well organised for people visiting the temple by providing free meals with good quality.

They are strictly maintaining a support and service to customers. In case if any visitors got cheated by any person, they will act immediately to provide justice to the visitor.

One Day Tirupati Tour Package from Chennai:

We are providing Tirupati Tour packages with an experience of more than ten years in this field. We know every necessary thing in

One of the Best Tirupati Tour Packages giver in Chennai with Luxury Cars with experienced driver

We also offer darshan ticket and food in this one day Tirupati tour package from Chennai.

In one day Tirupati tour package our usual pickup starts at early morning 5 Am and we will back at 9 Pm.

Temples includes in Tirupati One Day Tour Package:

  • Tirumala Balaji Darshan    
  • Padmavathi Temple
  • Sri Vinayaka Temple
  • Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple
  • Balaji Face Rock
Tirupati Balaji

Tirumala Balaji Temple:

The Balaji Temple is Hindu Place of Worship with beautiful wooden designs. It is in Tirumala and has a beautiful view of seven mountains. People from all around the world come here to get blessings from Lord Balaji. He is the second richest god in the world. He is one of the most powerful God. Whatever the request of visitors will be fulfilled.

Goddess Padmavathi

Padmavathi Temple:

Padmavathi Temple is the first visiting place in Tirupati. During Chennai to Tirupati car rental package must and first visited place is Padmavati Amman Temple. In this temple rupees hundred to be paid for special darshan. By special darshan will be over in an hour. But if you try free darshan it will take three hours to complete. But more importantly she is the wife of Lord of Balaji.

Lord Vinayagar

Sri Vinayaka Temple:

The Lord Vinayagar is the god of beginning. Especially the god is mainly praised for the safety of his devotees. While starting the travel everyone will worship Lord Vinayagar for the safety and blessings. So, if you are person of travelling must don’t forget to worship Lord Vinayagar.

Sri Bedi Anjaneya from One day Tirupati Tour Package From Chennai

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple:

The Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneyar. He his specially worshipped for the people who do not have children, when they offer pooja for forty days at this temple, then they will be blessed with a child. Visitors must pray and get their blessings from the God Anjaneyar.

Balaji Face Rock From One day Tirupati Tour Package From Chennai

Balaji Face Rock:

Balaji Face Rock is a natural Formation on the seventh hill, The Rock is shaped like the face of Lord Venkateshwara swamy. My suggestion is to all the visitors must visit this place in one day Tirupati tour package from Chennai and in Chennai to Tirupati car rental package.

Darshan and Travel guidance:

 Welcome to the main part of program. Let’s know about the type of Darshan Tickets and who are eligible for it.

One of the popular darshan ticket is special entry darshan ticket. This special entry darshan ticket price is three hundred rupees. Every month Tirumala Devasthanam provide tickets through online website.

The second type of darshan ticket is senior citizen ticket. While booking this ticket the person should be 65 years old. This ticket is for old age people to make their darshan easier and convenient. Senior citizen tickets speciality is to reduce the crowd and to make darshan faster as possible.

Non-resident in India (NRI):

This ticket is specially for the tourist from other countries. In this ticket the visitor must have their passport of other countries, directly going to Tirumala and by showing the passport they can get darshan and it will be a VIP darshan. This darshan will almost be over in one day Tirupati tour package.

Break Darshan Ticket:

          A ticket for donors with darshan, in this kind of ticket devotees will offer 10,000 as donation and 300 Rs for ticket. It will be a separate line with limited people. In this ticket they will get a complimentary accommodation.

Central government authorities:

          In this one day Tirupati tour package from Chennai most underrated type of darshan. This darshan is also possible in Chennai to Tirupati car rental package. During this package it has both things. First thing is the advantage of darshan. Devotee must have his id card contains valid information of central government authorised worker. By showing their original Id card the only person can avail darshan. But disadvantage is not his family can use it for the darshan. So, think twice before getting to this type of darshan

Seva tickets:

          One of the least used types of darshan in Tirupati is seva. In this seva type of darshan, devotee must book through online.  In simple words seva is a type of pooja, it is like a voucher to participate in the pooja before going to darshan of Lord Balaji.

Born on Baby darshan ticket:

          Here we come to the impossible to possible darshan of Lord Balaji. This is a type of darshan which can be used by only by the mother and father of a infant baby. The duration of this darshan is very quick compared to other kind of darshan It is probably a 2 hour of darshan with less crowd. For one day Tirupati tour package from Chennai it is possible to use this kind of darshan at low price. Baby should be under 12 months.

To Know more details about all kind of darshan mentioned above kindly contact us.

We are offering service from all over the Chennai. If you are a person living in Chennai and want to make darshan with lord Balaji. Don’t forget to join with us and make your moment memorable.

Tirupati one day tour package can be possible at any time and for Chennai to Tirupati car rental package can be booked within an hour of time. We also provide only vehicle service from all over south India tour. All our vehicles will be in a good condition with a valid permit.


          On the day of trip our driver will guide the customers for head shave and bathing. If the devotees are willing to take a head shave our driver will guide. At the same time for getting Ladoo also our driver will assist them. In this one day Tirupati tour package each and every guidance will be taken by our driver.

          In case if they face any issues, our customer support will be ready to assist customer at any time. So, don’t forget to join with us and make use of this one day Tirupati tour package from Chennai.

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