One day Chennai to Tirupati - Tirupati Darshan Package From Chennai

The Tirupati Darshan is world far-famed pilgrim’s journey of Tirupati is that the land of religion and miracles. The timeless religion of individuals in their spiritual being and also the benevolence of the Lord towards them, ensures that lots of folks take a pilgrim’s journey to Tirupati fairly often. Hence, everyday thousands of devotees return here to hunt blessings of Lord Balaji and to feel the divine power on the planet Tirupati Darshan Package From Chennai. READ MORE

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Chennai to Tirupati car Rental Package

Chennai to Tirupati packages by desire car
Etios / Dzire
Etios / DzirePackage AmountPricing
1 – Person6700Book Now
2 – Person8000Book Now
3 – Person9200Book Now
4 – Person10500Book Now
Tirupati Darshan Package By Innova Car
InnovaPackage AmountPricing
4 – Person13000Book Now
5 – Person14200Book Now
6 – Person15500Book Now
7 – Person17000Book Now
Chennai to Tirupati Innova crysta Car rental package By raj brothers travels
Innova Crysta
Innova CrystaPackage AmountPricing
4 – Person14000Book Now
5 – Person15200Book Now
6 – Person16500Book Now
7 – Person18000Book Now
Tirupati darshan package from chennai by Tavera
TaveraPackage AmountPricing
7 – Person15200Book Now
8 – Person16500Book Now
9 – Person18000Book Now
Chennai to Tirupati tour package by Raj Brothers Travels
Tempo Traveller
Tempo TravelerPackage AmountPricing
10 – Person25500Book Now
11 – Person26500Book Now
12 – Person27800Book Now

Includes – Above all package including Diesel Charges, Breakfast, Lunch and Rs 300/- Special Entry Darshan Tickets (Seegra Darshan Tickets) Permit tax, Toll Gate, Driver Beta and Car Parking ( EXTRA CHARGE FOR KALAHASTHI (Rs 800/-) Covering Two Temples Tirupati Tirumala Temple and Alamelumangapuram (Tiruchanoor or Padmavathy) Temple.

Pick & Drop :- Any where in Chennai ( Only city limits ) or your home also Guide :- Our driver will help & guide

  1. 5.30AM to 6.00 AM Pick up from your nearby main places by Innova, Xylo and Tempo travellar
  2. Morning Break Fast at Thiruttani or Bhimas Paradise Tirupati
  3. Proceed Padmavathi / Alamelumangapuram Temple Darshan
  4. Proceeding to Tirumala Temple same this Innova, Xylo and Tempo travellar
  5. Organize Tonsure or Mottai then freshup in KalyanaKatta
  6. Entry to Temple for Rs.300/- Special Entry Darshan (Seegra Darshan Tickets)
  7. Return to Tirupati for Lunch Bhimas Paradise
  8. Departure to Chennai
  9. 07.00 p.m – Returning back to Chennai and drop at Near by places
  10. If you have Child below 4 years old not require darshan tickets or 5 to 11 years old Charges Rs 1100/-

Note:Programs will be changed depends darshan time

Boarding Point: All are Bus Stop from Tambaram, Chrompet, Pallavaram, Nanga nallur, Guindy, Medavakkam, Kilkattalai, Velacherry, Titel Park, Mathiya kailas, Thiruvanmiyur, T Nagar, Ramapuram, Porur, Poonamalle, Vadapalani, Koyembedu.

We Offer Chennai to Tirupati car rental package. A lot of Hindu devotees around the globe are attracted towards the Tirupati temple every year. It has been approximated that around 1 million visitors visit Tirumala Balaji Devasthanam every year. Around 1,00,000 to 1,75,000 visitors visit everyday. It is the most important and the most visited temple in the world. During the Brahmotsavam festival, almost 8 lakhs people will visit the temple and celebrate their Lord’s glory.We have the help & guide of booking tickets for TIRUPATI TIRUMALA BALAJI DHARSHAN.

Note: Tirupati to Tirumala Entry Only for 4 seaters to 12 seaters Vehicles. Buses Not Allowed in Tirumala this Order By Andhra State Government. But We Can Arrange Car Rental from Tirupathi to Tirumala.    


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Tirupati Darshan Package From Chennai: Are you looking for the best package to make a spiritual tour from Chennai to Tirupati? Then you are at the right place. Our services include Tirupati Darshan Packages exclusively for the devotees from Chennai in order to give them a safe journey and travel with comfort. We offer One day Tirupati tour package and Two day Tirupati tour packages.

Chennai to Tirupati tour package-by raj brothers travels
Tirupati Balaji Darshan Package

We gives you the best VIP darshan Ticket to get the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara within 2 hour by going through the main entrance.

Tirupati darshan package from chennai by Raj Brothers Travel
One Day Tirupati Darshan Package

We provide outstanding facilities included Chennai to Tirupati Special Darshan Packages at an affordable cost on a daily basis.

Tirupati darshan package from chennai- raj brothers travels
Special Tatkal Tirupati Darshan Package

We gives you the best VIP darshan package to get the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara within 2 hour by going through the main entrance.

Tirupati Car Rental Packages

Etios / Dzire

Capacity 4 + 1


Capacity 6 + 1


Capacity 6 + 1


Capacity 7 + 1


Capacity 9 + 1

Tempo Traveller

Capacity 12 + 1

Tollgate, Parking, Permit all are included
(within City) *Conditions Apply*

Tirupati Darshan Package from Chennai in simple terms.

Tirupati, a city in Andhra Pradesh, isn’t just any city. It’s a special place where people go on a spiritual journey. At the center of this journey is the Tirumala Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, and he is a form of Lord Vishnu. People believe that coming here can make them feel more peaceful and get rid of their mistakes. It’s like a place of magic and faith.

The Tirupati Darshan Package

This is like a special plan for people who want to visit Tirupati from Chennai. It makes things easy. Imagine you’re going on a trip, and you book everything you need in one go. These packages do that for your spiritual journey. They include a ride, a place to stay, and all the arrangements to see the god at the temple. So, you don’t need to worry about all the small details. You can just enjoy your spiritual journey.

The Tirumala Temple:

The Tirumala Temple is really famous for its beauty. It’s like a grand piece of art. The temple is all about Lord Venkateswara, who people love very much. They think that visiting this temple can make their wishes come true.

Your Journey:

When you get to the base of the Tirumala Hills, you have two ways to get to the temple. It’s like choosing between walking and taking a car. You can walk up the hill, which is a bit of an adventure, or you can take a bus or a taxi to go up faster. It’s up to you.

Where to Stay

Tirupati has many places to stay, from simple hotels to fancier ones. The temple also has free places for people to stay, like a big sleepover for pilgrims. This way, you can focus on your spiritual journey without thinking about where to sleep.

Things to See:

Tirupati is more than just the temple. There are other cool places to visit, like Kapila Teertham, Silathoranam, and Akasaganga Teertham. Each of these places has its own magic and beauty. It’s like adding extra pieces to your spiritual journey.

Tips for Your Journey:

Before you start your journey, remember to get everything ready. It’s like making sure you have your homework before school. You need to follow the rules of the temple and carry some money for your expenses. And most importantly, keep calm and wait patiently when you’re about to see the god. It makes the experience even better.

Special Prayers and Rituals:

At the Tirumala Temple, there are special prayers and rituals you can join. It’s like celebrating your birthday with extra fun stuff. These rituals, like Suprabhatam and Thomala Seva, help you feel closer to the god and make your visit even more special.

Delicious Food:

Tirupati is known for its yummy food. One thing you must try is the Tirupati Laddu. It’s like having a special dessert. Also, there are many places to eat delicious South Indian food, which is full of unique flavors. It is like going on a food adventure.


Tirupati is famous for its souvenirs. It’s like buying gifts for yourself or your loved ones to remember your visit. You can get idols, jewelry, clothes, and more. So, you have lots of choices.

Taking Pictures:

You can take pictures outside the temple to remember your visit. But inside the temple, it’s not allowed. It’s like being quiet in a library to show respect. You can still take pictures of the beautiful places around the temple.


Going to Tirupati from Chennai isn’t just a trip; it’s a magical and spiritual experience. The peaceful and magical atmosphere of Tirupati makes it a place worth visiting, whether you’re a pilgrim or just a traveler. So, don’t wait; book your Tirupati Darshan package and start your amazing spiritual adventure.

What is the significance of the Tirumala Temple in Tirupati?

The Tirumala Temple, located in Tirupati, is a very important and holy place for people. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, who is a special form of Lord Vishnu. People believe that when they visit this temple, it can help them become better and find peace. It’s like when you take a bath to feel clean, but for your soul.

How can I book a Tirupati Darshan package from Chennai?

Booking a Tirupati Darshan package from Chennai is quite easy. You know how you can order your favorite food online? It’s kind of like that. Many travel agencies and websites offer these packages. You can look at different options and choose the one that you like the most, just like picking your favorite game to play.

Are accommodations available in Tirupati for pilgrims?

Yes, there are many places to stay in Tirupati, like hotels or dormitories. It’s just like when you go on a trip with your family and stay in a hotel. Some places to stay are not too expensive, while others are fancier and cost more. And guess what? The temple also offers a place to stay, like a big sleepover for pilgrims.

Can I take photos inside Tirumala Temple?

Inside the Tirumala Temple, it’s a bit different from other places. You know how sometimes you’re not allowed to take photos in a library to keep it quiet? Well, it’s the same idea here. Taking photos inside the temple is not allowed because it’s a peaceful and holy place. But don’t worry, you can take pictures outside to remember your visit.

What are some of the famous dishes to try in Tirupati?

Tirupati is known for its yummy food. One dish you must try is the Tirupati Laddu. It’s a sweet treat that’s like getting a special dessert after dinner. Besides that, there are lots of delicious South Indian dishes with flavors you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like having a big food adventure.

Is there a specific dress code for visiting the Tirumala Temple?

Yes, there’s a special way to dress when you visit the Tirumala Temple. Just like you have a school uniform, here, they have a dress code to keep things respectful and nice. For guys, it’s like wearing a dhoti and angavastram, and for ladies, it’s like putting on traditional sarees or salwar suits.

What is the best way to reach the Tirumala Temple from the base of the Tirumala Hills?

When you want to go up the Tirumala Hills to the temple, you have two main choices. You can either walk up the hill, which is like a long hike, or you can go by bus or hire a taxi to drive you up quickly. It’s just like deciding if you want to take the stairs or the elevator.

How do special pujas and rituals enhance the Tirupati pilgrimage experience?

Special pujas and rituals are like extra special prayers. They make your visit to the Tirumala Temple even more meaningful. It’s like when you celebrate your birthday with cake and presents. These rituals, like Suprabhatam and Thomala Seva, help you feel closer to the god and make your visit even more special.